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Internship : Second day

Hola peeps!
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How are you today? I want to call it a day but, before that I want to write something first about my doing recently. Yes, about my internship at Jabatan Kimia Malaysia cawangan Sabah located next to Hospital Queen Elizabeth. 2 days had past smoothly. 

I am assigned in Toxicology department, in which I will deal with drugs, alcohol and anything about toxic. The samples we usually in contact with are urine, blood, stomach washout and liquid, etc. To begin with for the first day, I was assigned to read the manual book but I think I'm gonna love the so called sporting staffs there, they allowed me to skip reading the manual book. But then, the lab assistant taught me the first and second steps done in the lab. The first step is "acccept the samples (samples with enough and sealed correctly)" and the second step is "Describing the accepted samples or so called exhibits". The first step isn't to hard to do, because the uncles whose in charge at the front desk will accept the 'good labelled'-sampels and reject the other. So I just have to go there, take the samples and registers it on-line, direct to JKM centre at KL. Printing put the 'lab number' and stick it on the correct exhibits (samples). 

Second step is quite challenging where I need to touch and describing the exhibits, means I need to touch or in contact with all that creepy and nasty exhibits. Yeap, I had described exhibits (blood, stomach washout and urine) from dead person. Police case. I really want to write more about this but it was P&C, so I will end it here. 

for the second day, I was taught to handle the F55 case. F55 labelled for cases relating to drugs. There are four common drugs types tested, which are amphetamines, methanamines, MDMA and ketamines. I had prepare 24 tests today about F55 test. I also learned how to handle the GCMS machines by myself. Printing out the data is quite hard, need to do it one by one. I do printed 40+ data. To do it is easy but my senior said, systematic is the keyword in doing the lab tasks. Yeap, if we do it systematically from the first step earlier, and our next steps will come in handy. Thanks for the advise Mr.Kevin. I love being with you. Mr.Farul, Mr.Fauzi, Mr.Biling, Pak Cik Daud and Mr.Hisham, thank you for being nice to us (me and Ho Sie Yie).

I think, I need to stop today entry here, I feels kinda tired for as I started my tasks, I can't sit. I hope, Friday will be nice to me tomorrow. Good night peeps, have a very good night and tomorrow with great story. Bye cutee peeps ^__^

Nervous; Internship just around the corner

morning peeps!! 
how are you today?
Happy? Sad? Angry? Upset? Disappointed? Speechless? NERVOUS?

wahh, so many words to express our feeling right? just like the rainbow, so colorful in the shadow of gloomy rainy day. What to say, we must go on. Going on through the journey leads by our dream/ambition. Yes, just go with the flow peeps, just like me. I'd felt all of it, still and will always feels that feeling (human being to say), but who care, I am living my life. Trying my best to achieve the best in my life, to be who I am. 

This past 2 weeks holidays, I'd done so many activities I love. Yup, free from thesis, from lab-works, assignments, lectures and so on so forth. I really love it! But, we can't stop the clock, we can't always enjoying our life without 'walking/running' the journey of our life isn't it? I have to end the holiday and come back to KK. All the way from Ranau to KK, I felts so nervous for I never had any experiences in real work. Can I do it? can I be good enough? Can I go well in the system? Huh, I feels so nervous right now. 

I will start my internship at Jabatan Kimia Malaysia (Sabah) on 4th July, this coming Wednesday and I need to do so many preparation before that day. Since I usually went to lectures wearing jeans, so I had only few baju kurung. Huh, need to spend my money on cloths! Shoes, yes! OMG, need to buy so many things. And more than that, I live far from JKM. I need to use the bus service to go there, and I never experiences it before. Peeps, I feels so nervous. 
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This internship really put me on the edge of cliff, standing still or falling into the bottom. I really don't know how to do it, but I believe I will go 'okay' with it just like before. Entering the matriculation system, UMS system, all by myself. Yeah, I put my faith in Him. I don't know the future, but He had wrote the future for me, and peeps please put your pray for me okay? me, to have energy, faith and efforts to achieve that future. 

All of us! Lets run the journey until the end, enjoying all the steps we will takes. Happy internship day to all of you! See you again guys hehe. Have a very good day today =) 
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