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"Just go with the flow". Yes, I do!

Hello peeps!! How are you? Of course "Fine" isn't it. LOL.
Whatever happened, it was already happened so just let it be. Peeps, just go with the flow! :)

Okay, I don't have any great story to share with but, I do have my very own life that I'd live on up until this moment that I treasure the most. The moment I became more responsible, independent and blissful person. For these past few weeks, I am undertaking internship course at Jabatan Kimia Malaysia (KK), there are so many memories and stories I made. As I never work before, working at Forensic Section is quite hard at first besides the staffs mannerism and so on so forth. But, after few weeks working there I felts kinda happy and proud to have the chance to take this internship there. 

"Just Go With The Flow"
is the phrase that I used to have these feeling, blissful to the max. You, don't go against the flow! please. Go with the flow but make sure "do not let yourself drowned by the flow". Not understand? Be calm, ask yourself with this question : "am I accepted by this environment?". If yes, and you must have this phrase within you. Congratulation!!!

For today, I felts happy in abundance for so many reason! Nothing goes wrong so far. Deeply and sincerely thanks to my God for giving me the day today. First of all, HE give me breath, woke me up in the morning with that "creepy" but funniest accident. That accident surely made my day started with a big smile, and a big LOL ( ahahahhahahahhahha ^_____^ ).   Secondly, I arrived on time, plus the bus service was good ( 3 stars/ 5stars ). Greeting the staffs early in the morning, giving my smile was surely made me happy as I saw the good and sweet responds. Even though the lifts wasn't functioning but at least, I can exercise a bit isn't it. No harm though. 

Other than that, I started my duty@job earlier, at 0750am. Not to show off okay peeps! :) It was just because I started the day with a big smile. Today, I finished two batches of tests called ELISA, a test using an ELISA instrument for drugs screening. We tested five drugs here which are Benzodiazepines, Cannabioids, Methaphetamines, Opiates and Barbiturates. I love the name!!!LOL. In total, I test 15 samples today and only one positive methaphetamine. OMG, poor that person. I am still happy anyway. WHY? hehehe, because only one sample that need to proceed in the next step. So the not too much work to do next week.

Above all, the most moment I treasured the most is the moment I got "gifts" for Friendhips day in JKM. I never expect to have such lively staffs there. To have two cute cups, keychains and pens from the staff is an extraordinary thing for me because I just started my internship there like yesterday. Huhu, I felt appreciated peeps. Huhuhuhu. See the pic below? Sweet isn't it. Thanks to them.

Ohya, suddenly I was shocked by that "thank you" words from my cold supervisor. I don't exactly know "why" he said that but to got that words from him is very special you know. It is very rarely for him to say that. I love being there so far. Really! Plus, my senior intern-mate told me "you isn't not that pretty at first sight, but you looks prettier after I saw and knows you these days". Of course I felt kinda sad for I am not that "pretty" as he said but at least he is telling me that I am cute everyday. More than that he said, "Outer beauty is one thing, but having inner beauty is much more important for it outshine the outer pretty"
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Yes, I agree that inner beauty is important but I believed that every woman love to have "outer beauty" isn't it? Of course yes. Not denied, I love seeing pretty women, women with natural beauty. Sometimes, I stalked pretty woman's Facebook. Looking at their beautiful pictures and I do feel jealous. Yes, I do but I never question God for giving me the "me" today. Because I am pretty for myself. Being me is the great chance given by our Creator. Thanks God.
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Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewellery and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight

For today's words, just go with the flow and enjoy the journey. Live it not leaving it okay. :) End and start your day with a big smile and always and forever being grateful. The breath, the days and the greatest plan in you. :) daaaa 

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