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Phone Locked!

Holla peeps!!
Okay, today I'll write about the pro and con of "PHONE LOCKED".
What is your handphone peeps? Do you put any password to lock your smartphone?
Yep, it is not a new thing to lock or to put a password in our handphone these day. I do. But only when I am home, I want to protect my privacy from my family, someone who I believe dare to open my smartphone.
source : here
But, do you ever consider the pro and con of having to lock your smartphone?  Not denied, it can save us time and effort to protect our very own secrets. Other than that, we can put our phone at safe whenever it was stolen from us. It might preserve our secrets or data in the smartphone but only for temporary! Yeah, don't you know that you can re-open or cracked the locked phone in less than five minute + RM20 charge in phone shop? Sometime, even lesser. I told you peeps, it never safe to fully believe that your locked phone is good enough to be the barricade for our secrets. As you know, smartphone have our banking, Facebook, email, and many more important things data and it can be cracked in a few moment only. So, if you want to say that I am assuring you to not locking your phone, it is wrong! Yeah, you can put password  but be careful of the consequences, the BAD CONSEQUENCES.

Locking your phone is just the same as keeping your very own identity from the outsider. I really hope that my can show my own identity on the screen while being locked! See the pic below? Isn't it just great peeps?
source : here
Let me share an experience here peeps. It happened not longer than few hours ago. This experience shouldn't being told in here but I want to take the positive way, just to share and alarm you about the bad consequences of LOCKING THE PHONE! Few hours ago, my bro-in-law happened to be the paramedic and documenting a sudden death of 20's male. Still younger, right? He was on the bus going back to his school after having a Hari Raya Aidiladha break when his 'time to meet our Almighty arrived'. Shorten my story, his death is not looks like usual death, for he had a cut or specifically like deep wound slightly above his corner eye. 

So, police took over the case and here the thing of WHY I WROTE THIS ENTRY TODAY! The Officer couldn't contact his family. HIS PHONE WAS LOCKED!! and his brought along identity is not helping much more than a dead end call. The officer tried to call his school for reference data of his family but the number cannot be reached. One point here peeps, be sure to update your reference contact in school for our own advantages, if someday? But, let us pray for any bad luck away from us. 

This is the biggest disadvantage I am holding on to have the time to write this entry today. LOCKING your phone, PRESERVING your data inside safely, the causes might be GOOD but not denied can turn to BAD! In conclusion here, be prepare if you really need to lock your phone. If your phone is not good enough to provide data as in the picture above ( I hope I have one ), be sure to put any data of contacts in your purse or belonging in case something bad might happened.

So, for the person and relatives who this story referred as, my sincere apologize for sharing the incident here in my blog, but please understand me. I just want to share the MORAL OF THESE STORY, and not my intention to make any fuss about it. BE ALARMED PEEPS! BE CAUTIOUS! BE PREPARED! 

May God bless the deceased and RIP.

~the end~

Our Graduation Day

Holla peeps!!
Today is Friday, 25 October 2012, 
so, to all my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha! 
Okay, as mentioned in my entry before, today I'll write about my graduation day as well as my so called bitter-sweet memories on that day. See the first pic below, it shows that I am officially graduated and a new member of UMS Alumni.
Actually, my graduation day took place five days ago but I just going to write my entry today because I have a lot of things to do in the mean time, so many I feels like busier than our Prime Minister (LOL, just kidding!). It took place on 20 October 2012 in Dewan Cancelor UMS. I am scheduled on second session at 2pm on that day. As been told, we supposedly in queue sharp at 1230pm but because I was caught in the traffic jammed, I just arrived at Dewan Cancelor around 1.45pm. You know what peeps, I was like 'Gosh, can I ever have a chance to graduate on the stage?'. I couldn't sit properly in the car, couldn't breath calmly as my friends keep on calling me that they're in their queue waiting for their turn to walk into the Hall. I guess you're more that understand how the feeling I have that time, isn't it peeps? 

Earlier in the morning, I went to saloon to set up my hair, it was so damned pretty as the curls was so like the waves of the ocean, FYI I took the non-permanent curl hair, and I was like "OMG, I am gonna love this saloon!' and went out to my house with high confidence. But, yes, BUT! But, not 1 hour long, the curl start to loose and became straight. I really went frustrated with that, see the pic below, isn't it so poorly curled. :(
Okay, continued with the traffic-jammed-trouble-me, the moment I arrived at the Hall, all my friends already make their way into the Hall and I was like an alien, where alienated in the crowds. I asks my niece to go registering with me, but because I walk to fast she couldn't catch up with me and NOBODY IS GOING TO HELP ME SETTING UP MY DRESS! I keep on calling her but the crowds caused to unable to meet, and by PUTTING ASIDE MY PRIDE I ask for help from the crowds. Yeah, I just picked two girls near me on that time, strangers of kind-hearted girls. I didn't even know their name as I am in rushing mode. Their help is more than appreciated! Thank you girls, whoever and wherever you're, I really appreciated with your help of setting me up with my dress in front of the UMS Chancellor Hall 1.45pm on 20 October 2012. Thank you so much, wished I know your names. After the bitter-sweet memories to flashback again, I finally made my way into the hall, sitting within strangers Uni-mates (soon be found that we have the same friends since Matriculation to UMS and guess what, we've know each other face as we talks while waiting for our turn to retrieve our scroll). Thanks for being a good friend, talking to me even though we just know each other name few seconds before. ^^

Sharp at 3.40pm I went up, retrieving my scroll proudly after my name called. My family sms me that they're proud to see me on the stage! This is my gift for your unconditional supports all along 15 years of my studies.  After finished with the ceremony, all of us was free to meet up with F&F outside the hall and I went straight to the front of the Hall waiting my family. They bought me a lot of flowers! Thank you sisters, thank you Ma, Thank you my nieces and nephews. Love the flowers so much, I really appreciated it! See the pcitures below peeps? ^^
my 2nd and 3rd elder sisters. I love them so much!! Thank you sista.

behind-My eldest niece, me-with the spoiler spec! Keep on falling all the time.

With one of my coursemate, Rkorik Journey. My BFF! Read her blog as well kay peeps?

me with my sister and nieces + nephews. So happy with their presence!

My nephew, telling me that he was the one who choose the small pinky flower. 
Love the way he congratulate me ^^ Hows good to be auntie.

me, my BFF Esther Kunggin, and my niece! 

Presenting you my other two coursemate, Florinna and Azye Sheila! ^^

Among the pictures taken,  this is the one I love the most. 
Candid pic taken while me talking with someone who congratulating me! ^^

Okay peeps! This is the pic I treasure the most!
the "3 Dara Pingitan"- from the left : Lyla, Vera, and Lyna. 
Lyla-my BFF since form 1
Lyna-my BFF since form 4
BFF forever, from secondary to matriculation, finally graduating together in UMS.
Love both of you!

I love the background! Since  I am 6 years old! I swear to you,
I swore to myself that someday I will studying in this Uni and thanks God I finally made it until graduation day! ^^

the other side of me! ^^

and the last pic of me in UMS!! ^^

Last but not least, I am gonna shows you my studio picture. Just pictures for you (might be), but it is a very treasured memento to me! I enjoyed looking at my pictures, thousands time without ever feeling bored. It is my pictures after all. No offence if you wanna out from my page ^^
with my mum ^^





Soo many pictures, right peeps? Hihi, I just cannot find any words to describe and telling you the day of my convocation, so I just put my pictures for it has it own power to bring out the stories. You can see it and feels it. 

So to everybody, keep on going in your studies. To whom will sitting for this coming 5th Nov SPM, goodluck! and don't stop dreaming! Keep on dreaming + efforts to achieve it and leave the rest in our Almighty Hand. 


the end.

The Love Story

Holla peeps!!
source : here
Okay peeps! after BW, seems like others are really writing their love story in their kawae blog, so here I am ~ pouring and writing my own story, the real me and my love story.......Gosh, I actually not really into this title but somehow I feels like want to share with all of you about my life, my love story _another side of me.. some old entries about my relationship are HERE and HERE.

Where to begin with? Okay, let start from the first time I know him. I get to know to he 6 years back then in church activity. My church team paid a visit to their church and through Youths activities, we're grouped and guess what, he teamed up with me! Next, we exchanges phone numbers and getting well along to each other. Not as boyfriend aka someone special, but just as an ordinary boyfriend aka best-friend at first!

We started as a very good friend, "phone-pal", since our town is hundred miles distance. Am telling you, he was a very concerned friend to me. He will call me everyday, every single day, just to share his life. Including his love relationship! Yes, it is true. Not forget to mention, I dated with one of his friend while he dated with my friend at that moment. But, it ended pretty bad. So then, after my cousin's conquered my handphone, well you know the story where another person set you up, she indeed do that to me. Okay, then we finally become a couple on December 29. Peeps, I also still not really believe how my story going that way up until now!

Stranger --> Friend --> Best-friend --> Boyfriend --> Steady Boyfriend------>>

Telling the truth, there were so many ( a lot of  ) problem we'd experiencing for these past few years, and told you, we'd broke up once but I guess, I really love his caring side of personality, so we coupled back again. How is that? okay peeps, here I listed down his lovely side that makes me fall in love with him. Read it and give me your thought okay ??

1. Very caring person.
2. Sms + calling me like 24/7.
3. Presence whenever in need.
4. Singing lullaby for me!! (love this so much).
5. Handling my bad temper so good!
6. Never shout at me! + never angry without reasonable reasons.
7. Put me "first" before himself!
8. Loving me unconditionally.
9. Respect my principles + F&F.
10. +++++++++++

Seems like I am a very selfish person isn't it? But please, who girl didn't want to be treated like princess?? Tell me. Who girl don't like to bre treated nicely, lovingly with respectfully?? Peeps, we're the one who doing the show. We're the one who creating the character, and we're the one who leads the story. Do as you like, create the very good love story as the love is a gift from God. Love God, our-self and the people surrounding you.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
-1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Convocation Day. Soon!

Holla peeps!! Howdy?
Mine? Greate! Awesome!
(Just think positive, be grateful)

Okay peeps! It wasn't good to show off but I just couldn't resist myself to share this good news with all of you. I means, all my virtual readers. Never a thought of it, just want to share okay peeps? Yeah, that's a very good of you. Not a very secret news as it already stated as shown in my title above, I'll graduating next week!! See the invitation letter below? Feels so excited. Thanks God!!
please do not re-use this pic in any other way.

It was just like yesterday I went to UMS, registering and officially registered as UMS' student, attending lectures, sitting for exams, doing assignments (SSSSSS) + reports + thesis (the killer task). It was like just few minute ago I met my course-mates, creating a very good moment back than. I miss the moment I&my friends sitting in the hallway waiting for our lecture, eating and lepak'ing at the cafes (SST, d'Pustaka), doing nothing but living as a student, a UNI students specifically. Yeah, surely we'd made up a very good memory in these period of time friends. Not forgetting the time we'd spent together in the laboratory, library and bust stop LOL. It must be a very good memory where we'd waits for bus in hours. OMG, it was really feels like just yesterday peeps. And I am graduating soon, very soon. 

14th Convocation, I am one of them! Peeps, please don't be irritated to me, I just want to share my good feeling with you, in other words, positively, this might encouraged you to liven your life (students), enjoy it to the max because somehow you will win the race! Yes, after a very tough race you going with, you'll meet a 'bus stop' where we can stop a while, rejoicing our race and taking a very good breath to start a new journey!  A very new and different journey. Take this entry for granted peeps! 

OMG, I can't stop feeling great just now after finishing all the pre-convo tasks, payment and forms. I just need to take my rode & hood for convocation this Monday and enjoying the Tamu Gadang while waiting for the convocation day 2nd session on October 21, 2012. Gosh, can't wait much longer. 

Special Congratulation to all people that will graduate this year. No matter what, who, where, & when.
Well done you!! 
Happy Convocation Day!!

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