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Beauty all along the ages

Holla peeps!!

Okay, today I would like to write about "beauty":- charm, chic, glamor, comeliness, loveliness, elegancy, daintiness, elegance, pulchritude, or attractiveness.

Agree or not peeps, good appearance bring on good impression.

BUT. But, what is the good appearance or beauty by the way?? How do you define the word itself? Is it women with glittering dress?; is it men with tuxedo?; is it women with good makeup?; or is it men with good body features? Define it by yourself. Your answer is belong to you and it is not my intention to argue with. Here, I just want to give you the first hint, "you are beautiful just the way you are". Yes, indeed peeps!

How I wish to have someone:boyfriend aka husband-to-be to sing and to meant to me the song of 'just the way you are' by Bruno Mars. Is not it so sweet peeps? Gez how I wish.

Beauty? For me it is define by being the best of me inside out.

Okay, let me included one real soryhere. Just now I am experiencing the problem where my cousin's husband found dishonest, having affair with other woman. Believe or not, they have married for 28 years and they never had any big argument, of course there is for every family must experience it but what I mean here is their argument is not something big for everyone to be alert. And personally I do feel respect with their marriage and I wish I may have marriage like that someday. Tell you peeps, I could not believe at first when my cousin tell me that her husband being with a woman. They are getting married soon. OMG!

I could not stop thinking, 'why?'.

I do share it with my fiance and I do want to put all the blame to her husband but my fiance had once said that men must always have reason, so I tried to come up with any reason. Guess what peeps, the problem roots is from my cousin herself. I do not dare to write this but, it is the reality. FYI, my cousin is beautiful and was once a very up-to-date person, a fashionable woman but after their third child, she becomes tired of herself. She did not care about her appearance anymore. Telling you the truth, she never care about her face and body, even when her husband told so.

I told her once but she did not believe me and she keep asking whilst put her anger to me. I do not know what to say anymore peeps. Really. But hey, let us finish this story here okay. Let me write about the cause and consequences. I mean, the moralle from these stories.

First, please take good care of your appearance all along the ages no matter if it is simple or not. I say so because good appearnce bring on confidence and it is good for your children, husband and even your company if you are a working-wifey.

Secondly, do not be shy to improve your appearance day by day for good. It is your 'responsibility' to looks the very good of you for yourself and your husband and family. Moreover, we need to change and improve ourselves to fit with the changing world after all.

For con:- "true love never looks their outer appearance but inside". How I wish to have someone like that. But hey peeps, people are human. Human with feeling, with instinct and person who are prone to fall in temptation. It is not impossible if someday the love might be faded away by time. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ALL THE TIME TO PRESERVE OUR LOVE. One thing for sure, is too take good care of our appearance, inside out. Okay peeps? Do something now, grab your best cosmetics and dress and turn yourself to the best of you. Do not do something in excessive, but do something simple but good and is suitable to your surrounding. Different place with different culture is not it.

So,in conclusion here :- do the very best of you today and make them fall in love you every day. Good luck.

Your beauty should not only come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewellery and fine clothes. Instead, it should be with that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. Looks perplexing is not it. But, no matter how you read it, it always concluded that we must try to be the very best of us "INSIDE OUT".

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