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General Election '13

Hello peeps! Howdy?

GE13 is just around the corner, 7 days to go to be exactly. How the General Election fever is going on at your place? Our place is just reaching an unusual hot temperature, hotter than usual. Too many people change their party because of hatred. They don't like you, then they'll automatically throw away the party. Too many bad rumors is going around and not forgetting, there was an incident occured where the people went "visiting" other house and spreading false accusations at 1.00 at the very early morning. Threathening is one thing. Other than that, too many people known as two-faced person. They wear two different parties' cloths and going to both places. The head of the village also do the same things. It is all about who is and who will lead the village and have power to control the villagers and they were willing to take the risks of losing the peace just to get the power. Spy? We had that issue, like having thorns within the skin. Plus, no money flow from the government to support the activities. More than that, the people is rejecting the presentee. Parliament have the chance to win, but ADUN is quit worrying. Do not know what the result might be but, to be honest, I hope I can live a peaceful life and without hatred. And if the opposition win, do not forget their "promises", I really hope they can protect the peace and more than that, did not disappointing their followers aka voters. Personally, above all, I want a peace country/place to live on, no discrimination no obsessive hatred and just wanting to revenge.

But, as shared at the sermon today in my village's church, KING HIZKIA (2 chronicles 32:24-33) had been fallen down few times because he forgots our LORD and became a self-proud king. Through the crisis , LORD use it to shows CHRIST JESUS's love. Through his kingdom downfall, KING HIZKIA able to realize his mistakes and repent then came back into GOD's hand. Through all that crisis, GOD only asking for one thing, HE want people to come back to HIM. If Sabah is going to be like that, May God forgives us in Sabah, and through HIS LOVE will protecting us. Amen.

A little bit insecure : a prayer for Sabah.

Holla peeps!!

Have you ever feels insecure? I feels so recently. Well, the general election in Malaysia really change my mood a lot. It is not because I did not believe that the government now will win the GE13 but it is related to my beliefs, the word of "if God do", nobody can change it. If God really put Sabah as same as Ayub's situation, may God gives us trength fo face it. If God really let Sabah be like sodom and gomora, may God gives us mercy. If God allows what "they saw" happened in Sabah, may God gives us knowledges and strength to handle it. Lord, into Your hand we surrender to. Into Your Kingdom we belong to. Into Your love we live today. Into Your hand we asks for forgiveness. I prayer that we could handle it as good as Esther saved her nation. I prayer that the leader above us can do as much as Moses do to his nation. I prayer for us, Your children safe until You come for the second time. Amen!

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