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Holla peeps!! Howdy?
It is may, 1st 2013.
I sincerely wish you a blessed may.

Hmm.. What and where should I start my entry today? Should I start from who I am. Sigh, I really do not know where to start with. Let me start with the General Election fever in my hometown. The opposite team really hate the other team. To be spesific, the opposite team really tried hard to spread hatred to others, false accusation and using one's belief to win. And I could not help myslef from getting angry but cannot be angry at the same time when people laugh at someone's mistake without knowingly that the problem started from themselves. They were blinded by their own hatred, envious of other's life. For example, my brother been taken out from a group because of no reason. A group that should help each other but what then, the group pushed him out without any good reason or any explanation. We are not rich nor living a perfect life, NO, but we were trying to live a very good life as we can, enjoying everyday and be thankful to God (eventhough he was not a church's man). Frankly speaking, it is the church's member who pushed them out. Pushed us out. Everyday, me myself trying to go to church by one reason, be blessed by the sermon but ended up crying when seeing the 'fake' people. It is so wrong to judge people peeps, but I could not help myself from judging them sitting there like a very good person but, but in reality you know who are they. I often tolds myself that nobody is perfect (just like me-always make mistakes) but it is so hurtful when outside the church, some of them are the one who really dishonor you, stepping on you, and pushed you down from kneeling to lying down on the dirt. By any means, they wanted my family become the very poorest with no dignity persons. Become a very stupid with no improvement family. My parent is not a very pious spouse. My father involved in politics and my mother is a mother with 8 childrens. But my mother and my father always giving us chance to choose our own life, and they still wake me up in the early sunday morning asking if I go to church. Giving me money. Sometime they were giving me extra money to give in into the church's fund because they cannot go to church, for they was like not allowed going to church. I still remember the day my father going to church, there were so many people talks and laugh behind, not giving warm welcome (supporting) instead talking bad about my father's life. He gave up going to church. My siblings, from the earlier involvement in church had facing so many denial from the other church's member and me myself has been standing up alone in the church until todays. I wonder if they ever prayer for us when my father's issue striked us, I wonder if they ever prayer for us when we were trying so hard to come to God, I wonder if they ever prayer for us when we were trying so hard to live on and figthing the problems. Thanks to God, HE gives us better life day by day despite of the rains and storms, gives us light and forgiveness despite of the dark and mistakes we had done. May God open their eyes of their heart someday when they can accept us just the way we are and loving each other. May God teaches us to love and to understand and strengthening one to another.

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