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How It Feels To be A Bachelor Holder With No Job

Holla peeps! Howdy?
What are doing now? How is your life going on?
Question of the day : 1- Have you ever dream of having Degree?
                                2- Have you Had Graduated?
                                3- Have you Got a Job?
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Well for myself, it is not so called children dream to be exact. Never once in my teenager life ever dreaming of having bachelor degree. Yes, I do. I never thought of my future, well, my teenager life is not so good, as I am a spoiled youngest (giving excuse here) children. Never, not until Form 3. It is not because of my conscience, no, but because I was forced to woke up and grow up when my sister passed away. She was just 18 years old when she passed away, due to car accident. My family was in shocked state and could not think anything as we just watching TV late at that evening and she met accident at thirty minutes past eleven that night. 

The very next day, we went to the hospital retrieving her body and the offer of furthering study arrived. It is her dream to have a bachelor degree and she used to be so sad when her application to Matriculation was failed. Finally she got the offer to Form 6 but she was not in the world anymore, she has gone back the Almighty Creator. At that moment, I promised myself that I won't waste my life and live the life to the fullest. I learned hard to pass the Penilaian Menengah Rendah with A's and B's only, and thanks God I also passed the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia and been accepted to Labuan Matriculation. It is a blessed from God indeed, for I am not a genius one but I managed to finish my Bachelor Degree in Science of Industrial Chemistry. 

Yeah, I got my Degree!
(for displayed purpose only)
Graduated in end of year of 2012, and now is July 2014. Still no job! I am feeling devastated. Hell yeah! Am I the only one peeps? Sometimes I was so stress, crying my heart out and I do feel how my life is so unfair. I resent the Lord! Oh My Gosh! How stupid I am, right fellas? I was blessed since before I was born and He never forget me once. ( Forgive me Lord!). I am so mentally breakdown. To the present I am able to feels the God blessing once again through my fiance, He send someone who loves me and strengthening me whenever i feels down. UNEMPLOYED BACHELOR's HOLDER is actually hard since many people will talks behind you but fellas, remember it this way, I AM BLESSED OF HAVING CHANCE TO HAVE DEGREE where some people don't even have it (like my gone sister), I AM A PROUD unemployed DEGREE HOLDER WHO IS HAVING CHANCES TO HUNT FOR A JOB EVERYDAY (where some people find it hard by using SPM only). And I will never measured the JOB with my degree, I WILL WORKS ANYTHING, since my dream is HAVING A JOB ( to be honest, I never dreamed a dream of JOB USING DEGREE anyway ). I just dreamed of having a job! So, no matter what I got, I will do the job with happines! 

.....to be continued.....

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