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Holla peeps!
What shall I write today?
Love or hatred?

Guess i will start my entry with love, right? 💟
Haishh i am trying to attach picture along with entry today but then i have been alienated by this gadget nowadays. Stopped blogging for quite some time, no wonder if I don't really getting along with all of these gadget. Used to blog using laptop+mouse, and so into blogging day and night. Well, a car engine also need to start up and find its tune after a long idle right? So am i. What of using ipad with the new update ios 9, i feels kinda hard to find the tune. My bad, i did nit even try to get back to this world. I always can blog through my mobile phone, but i just cannot make up myself to do so. Frankly spoken, the mobile phone never leave my hand like 24/7, really! Told ya.

I always with my mobile phone:
1-To contact my far away fiance, who is currently working at Gulf of Mexico.
2-To relieve my boredom with facebook, wechat and work-group-whatsapp.

Since I also working alone, far from my hometown; the mobile phone is like soulmate for reasons. Am i the only one peeps???

On top of that, i feels like I cannot adapt easily to this surrounding even though 18th August 2015 marked a year of my employment. Still cannot find my true friends, still in silent-war with my housemate and still have not find my tune. Got no cinema, no karaoke partner in crime and no activities that i find enjoyable.

Have not told you right, i finally settle down as a chemist ( QA executive to be exact ). Thanks God! Well if you read my previous status and entry, you will know how frustrated i am looking for a job. As vacancy in Sabah is somewhat harder to find. Been praying so long for any job using my degree certificate, so here I am a humble-proud chemist in Palm Oil. Where? Guess it where in Sabah the larger Palm Oil industries is. Hihi

Let me share with you (fresh graduate), having degree does not promised you a job with high pay salary but at least you can have "hope", that someday soon you may have the job. Be bold and move on. I remembered the day when the HR called me talking about the offer. I felt so excited even though i have to be alone, ~300km far away from my hometown. Where, it is only reachable through land transport. Here have airport by the way, what i mean is my hometown do not have its own airport. So whenever i want to go home, i have to drive alone ~300km. No choice here!

It is a little sacrifice anyway. Grown up should not weeping over it. Lol.

Opsss... I still have a lot to write but my darling, mr fiance is off duty now. Have to video call with him. Lovey dovey moment! Uweeeeekkkkk...you are throwing up right??hahaha.  Well, i just finished the korean drama -Oh My Ghost- and it taught me to be bold and stand up for our own life, our own love. Na Bong Sun, a shrivelled girl who coudln't fight for her love; not even have gut to speak up to her love. Possessed by ghost, through times taugh her to be more brave...as always, the ending shall be "happily ever after", but i love the storyline the most. I will fight for my romance, my love and my future. Aja aja hwaiting! See you again in my next entry fellas. Xoxo

Warming up for blogging mood

Hello peeps!
It has been quite some time i did not update nor visit this blog.
Been busy, as i already started my job as a chemist since last year.
Well, to be frank, the main reason is i do not have internet here. Do not have network at my hometown.

Peeps, i have a lot of stories to update here but i do not have the mood for blogging at this moment. I do not know where to start, i lose the words.

I have to stop my entry here tonight but will update again by this weekend. Won't you anticipate it? See you on sunday fellas. Xoxo
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