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Life after marriage || Letter to my husband || notes from wife to husband

Hi peeps! 
My first question is : how is your life after marriage?
1. Happily ever after
2. Going ups and down
3. Sad, full of regret
4. All above

5 days to go and it marks 4 months of our marriage. And as of mine, i'll say number 2. Been married for only 4 months and it was like already living thousand years.
Pre-wedding is just as tough as pre-wedding days. You have to looks into details before making any decision, to include each other and it is tough sometimes to come to a fair decision.

Tears, anger, laugh & smiles ~>gifts.

Imma working wifey and my job needs a full attention and my husband are a very good supporter yet i am full with doubts.

Out of the 4 months being lawfully together, many days were spent with silent treatment. I am actually ignoring him. All because i am angry for one reason; this marriage is dragging me down, stopping me from achieving my dream and future planning!

And now is answer number 3! How bad i am, right.

I also want a passionate affection~~~
But he choose badminton and his friends. Not that he alienated me, he is doing great. Well, as a husband he always taking care of my needs more than i could ask. Send and fetch me from work, cooking and doing laundry, coffee time and also cleaning the house. Still, i feels less. Since when i become so dramatic? Maybe this is blue-marriage peeps? Anyone have ideas on this matter?

We fought a lot! And all is started by me.
I am sorry my dear husband but i just could not speak it out to you now. I am still angry and i do really hope someday you might read this entry and understand my tantrums.
0118hrs, he fast asleep yet i am still wide awake. May as well awake till dawn. My dearie husby, you were great! It is just me,the me full with insecurities and lack of faith to others. And i am sorry for being that, me. Right now i'm stuck somewhere, between what if, what might, what could have, and what never will and all i want to know is what actually is.

The problem is, i am still trying to find what actually is~~~
Please bear with me.
A moment. In silence, let me think.

I really love you.


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