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Life after marriage || Letter to my husband || notes from wife to husband

Hi peeps! 
My first question is : how is your life after marriage?
1. Happily ever after
2. Going ups and down
3. Sad, full of regret
4. All above

5 days to go and it marks 4 months of our marriage. And as of mine, i'll say number 2. Been married for only 4 months and it was like already living thousand years.
Pre-wedding is just as tough as pre-wedding days. You have to looks into details before making any decision, to include each other and it is tough sometimes to come to a fair decision.

Tears, anger, laugh & smiles ~>gifts.

Imma working wifey and my job needs a full attention and my husband are a very good supporter yet i am full with doubts.

Out of the 4 months being lawfully together, many days were spent with silent treatment. I am actually ignoring him. All because i am angry for one reason; this marriage is dragging me down, stopping me from achieving my dream and future planning!

And now is answer number 3! How bad i am, right.

I also want a passionate affection~~~
But he choose badminton and his friends. Not that he alienated me, he is doing great. Well, as a husband he always taking care of my needs more than i could ask. Send and fetch me from work, cooking and doing laundry, coffee time and also cleaning the house. Still, i feels less. Since when i become so dramatic? Maybe this is blue-marriage peeps? Anyone have ideas on this matter?

We fought a lot! And all is started by me.
I am sorry my dear husband but i just could not speak it out to you now. I am still angry and i do really hope someday you might read this entry and understand my tantrums.
0118hrs, he fast asleep yet i am still wide awake. May as well awake till dawn. My dearie husby, you were great! It is just me,the me full with insecurities and lack of faith to others. And i am sorry for being that, me. Right now i'm stuck somewhere, between what if, what might, what could have, and what never will and all i want to know is what actually is.

The problem is, i am still trying to find what actually is~~~
Please bear with me.
A moment. In silence, let me think.

I really love you.


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Dave Leow said...

This card is fake. How did you get this card? How can she have the same signature as me. My card is the real one. My cousin mum nephew's is married to princess. My pic



Dave Leow said...

Truly Mizvr, What game did you play? Lineage 2. May I please have your name so I can add you on fb. Maybe, we can play something together. Very nice piano playing!

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