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Uudan or Wudamu ~ a little but talented boy

new version - wudamu

I don't know how to express my feelings toward this little but talented boy. ( China got talent show ). I found out about him from the facebook post of my friend. I love music so much, that is why I open and watch this in youtube (even though the line was so damned slow~blame digi line). Watching this, I couldn't stop the tears, I cried a lot! I confessed, I keep crying and crying until sunset. Since the moment I went to matriculation, in 2008, up until now in Universiti, 2012, I've done so many unnecessary things and I do made her sad. I didn't back home last Christmas Eve even though she called me so many time, I put someone else first before her, and ignored her the person that I should obey at first place. Stupid me, isn't it. This boy touched my heart, even though I didn't know his songs. I felt his sincere feeling in his song. 

To my mum, thanks I am also doing fine like others. I always makes you hurts, but you still always and always will be the one who support me all the time. God, thanks for giving me such an angel mum. To you I  promised, this year I'll do the best I could to make her happy. And to Your hand God, I pray from distant, please take care of my mum.

FYI, she (my mom) never scold me. Never hit me at all, and the one who teach me how to live in this world. Yups, it might be because I was the youngest child but, no one (my siblings) ever being hit by my mother. She never give negative words to us whenever the hardness and sorrow of failures haunts us, instead, she always says, 
" it is okay to fail, as long as you already done the best'est you could ". 

How positive she was. She might lost control sometime, but I knew the reason, and I never blame her for that for she was only a human just like us. And now I feels so xxx(don't know how to explain) for letting the years past without doing the best I could to make she happy as simple as calling her (for she, me calling her is the best thing ever happen to her). How primitive she is, isn't it? But, that was my mom, the one who love me no price, and the one who constantly supporting me all the time. I do, even just remembering her name, I feels encouraged. But, I never make any call to tell her this, and somehow I regret this attitude of mine. 

2012, please help me to be the good girl, good woman soon, great mom as she was, and be the one who makes her happy for her. (I prays this).

So peeps, don't waste your time like me!
take your time to make a call (even for a minute only) and tell her what you feel.
Because, someday she might gone just like Uudan's (Wudamu) mum. See, Wudamu love his mum!

Through his singing, the voice told me, he love her deceased mum so big, bigger than the ocean biggest than the universe.

We still have our time, for our mom still here today, still alive and love us unconditionally.


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