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Hotels in Labuan + Short-unplanned Holidays

holla peeps!!
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I am currently staying at Hotel Pulau Labuan Apartment. Actually, we planned to stay at Beta Service Apartment, near the Financial Park Labuan Mall but it were never cross in our mind if the hotel there might be 'full house' since there are so many hotels here. Quite upsetting but never mind, at least we've got a place to sleep for the sunset already shows orange in color. We'd had searched few hotels but all were already either booked or full house. Thanks to the blog I'd found while searching for the hostels, an entry about hotels in Labuan including its rate, contact numbers, short review and few others from the budget hotels to the grand resorts. 

I really grateful to have found the blog because it was really hard to find any not-full-house hotels when we don't have the contact numbers. Ohya, forget to mention. I supposedly attending briefing for my final year project aka thesis this morning (Friday at 8.00 am in UMS) but instead there, now I am here at Labuan with my sister's family enjoying this so called 'express holiday'. Yeah, we going here without any proper plan. It was POP out just like that. I wasn't really happy when my sister asked me to go with them last night. What, going out for holiday without proper plan, isn't that a big NO NO. But our journey went out pretty nice and enjoyed a lot despite of the 'looking for hotels' matter. I love it, and I didn't regret to be here with them. It was a holidays for their son <Afif> birthday and school holiday <Joe> celebration by the way but all of us enjoying it including my little one nephew, Afiq (1year old). Here are some of the pictures we'd took yesterday. 
Joe, Afif and me waiting for the Labuan Express 2 Ferry from KK to Labuan

Me and my nephew Afif, looking out to the ocean but blocked by the Gaya Island huh

my sis family. From left: Joe, Kamirin, Afif, Ehlly, Afiq. Not in pic, Terry.

Just arrived, take a short rest in front of the 'air menari'-named by my nephew, Afif

us...foods hunting. Just keep on walking hehe

Khairil Afiq. He made that pose by himself haha..

Upssss.... I need to go to sleep now, for tomorrow we'll start our short holiday by 8.00 am. Guess what, I also don't have any idea where to go since we didn't bring our car here in Labuan. We used KK-Labuan Express ferry by the way. FYI, if you want to bring your own vehicles, go to Menumbok instead but don't forgot, you'll need to book the ticket as early as before going there. So, I think I should really stop my entry now. Will update about this short-unplanned-holiday ASAP. Happy holiday for all of you (weekend holiday at least ^__^ )..Bye 

To the Past & Back

This entry was strictly solely belong and forever be mine. 
Any harsh words is strictly not allowed. Read if you want, but please respect my right. Thanks in advance.
My great pal, you might be in a big " ? " right now while reading the title and the notice above but I told you, this blog is solely mine, _ online diary_ and no wonder if you keep on reading about my life's journey. As for today entry, I will write about this great gone-sister of mine.  FYI, this is the second time I write about my sister ( Click HERE ).   
please respect my right. Do not misuse this.
( Nina Stefhani )
Yups, that was she in this picture. It was taken few years back then. & that wasn't her daughter. The little one is simply my lovely niece so called, Erynn Esmeralda aka Lilo. Plus, she was just 17 years old at that time by the way. She was once I used to fight with the most, the one bullied by the arrogant and selfish me yet we had been once became a great partner as a sibling. I didn't bullied her for she was an easy target instead, she was the one who let herself bullied by me. Want to know why? Here I told you, because she was a great sister. A lovely sister & a concerned-sacrifice-herself sister whose let me do the things I love and wanted to do or used to. Huh I was so selfish and arrogant back then which was I regretted the most nowadays.

Yups, to gave excuse for myself~"I never know the feeling as a sister for I am the youngest one". The stupid thought that ever occurred in me. I never try to understand them, the feeling and responsibility as an elder sibling. Do not do this peeps! Do makes a good relationship with your siblings before the blue day comes around. To flashback the past again, that memories have had taught  and changed me a lot and created the 'me' nowadays. I still remembered how she had helped me doing the laundries things, cleaned my bedroom and smoothly but successfully brought me to the church. She was the one whose made me involved a lot in church services activities despite the chaos-haters team's members. I started as a tambourine dancer when she became the worship leader, and I was back-up singer whenever she became tambourine dancer. So, when she was gone I felts clueless and empty. I missed her so damned much, misses her services in church which at last made me prayed to have the courageous as she was. So here I am today, serves as worship leader, sunday school teacher and etc. Thanks sis!!

For my well-beings nowadays, she contributed in so many ways. I passed SPM and PMR, to the matriculation then University (now), I just simply encouraged by her wisdom as stated below:

Kenal diri + Hormat diri + Percaya diri = Hidup dlm Kekuasaan.

Trying to understand myself, to respect myself, and to trust myself~ I want to win my own life. I want to finish what she had once started  ( I read her diary ) before, and above all was because I love her so much. Huh, if only she was still alive today, we might be a great partner doing nothing but living. RIP sis. 

Do you have any someone you cares that had "pass away"? If not, you might don't know the meaning of this entry. I didn't expect for you to understand, and yeah, everyone had their own thoughts isn't it ^___^. 

opsss, I myself actually don't know what I'd wrote in here lol. so, let me concluded this entry as ' a feeling to my gone sister '. An entry taken from a piece in a book, the book about my very own life. So peeps, love and hold the persons as they were still here beside us and do not regret any after they have pass away someday. Do it right, love them enough, told them clearly and lives happily like no tomorrow. 

Live the life to the fullest peeps!!


Another Day as UMS's Student... What a Life

yep peeps! this is another one entry about my life as undergraduate student in UMS.
The story of a final year student! STRESSSS..but
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well, actually there is nothing so great about it but it was still a life that I am living with now. So, it is all up to you to read it or not, but let me write my entry peacefully because it was my blog after all. Peace no war wink3*. To begin with, I woke up at 630 am today after a long hours of sleep since I was so exhausted from yesterday. Yups, yesterday I was so busied with my reagent preparation. I went out to SPTA ( another far location of school/faculty in UMS ) to burned/calcined my raw materials at 700 degree celcius. Then, I had had  prepared 8M sodium hydroxide (100g NaOH pellets diluted to 250ml). I was a bit careless yesterday as I conducting the preparation outside the fumehood. It was 8M you know, quite concentrated. More than that, the reaction caused the temperature increased to 80 degree celcius instantaneously! I was quite shocked~like "OMG, this is 8M NaOH!!". Thanks God, everything was under controlled. After that, I prepared the 10M sodium silicate solution. It was just an easy part as long as the calculation is correct by the way. I stored my solutions using 250ml reagent bottles ( see below? ).
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Went home around 5.00pm then attended the UMS roadshow~MySDP. I got 1point from it for my graduation transcript. The roadshow finished only at 10.00pm then I talked with someone (by phone) like no tomorrow~pouring my all feelings for the day. Stressful and tiring yet wonderful ( as if you care ). I wasn't know when I started entering my deep-sleep without reading any notes for the test tomorrow. OMG, yep, OMG. 

6.30am~ I woke up early today (even though I have no class today) just to take my sample at SPTA ( the one I calcined at 700 degree celcius yesterday ). I still have 300g to go huh. But it is okay since one of my course-mate was so kind to gives me rides to go there and on the top of that, she was willing to share the furnace with me. Thanks to Suzanna aka Ann. For now, I didn't do anything for the experiment was stuck by the calculation problem plus I haven't finish burning/calcining my raw materials after all. So, here I am "lepak"ing in this laboratory doing the surfing internet. Blogging + 'gogle'ling + reading notes + downloading and so on so forth. I used UMS wifi anyway. So, I can do this stuff limitless. Yes, downloading something to the fullest as the line was so good in here. Thanks UMS lol. 

Upsss... I've written to long in here lol. I just want to share with you about how my life was going on recently. Even though so many ( I mean a lot! ) unwanted things had happened to me this lately but still, for that bitternes-experiences, I'd learned a lot. To breath for the day, feeling worst for the un-done-matter, feeling great for the succeed-matters. And above all, I'd learned how to be grateful for the I-can-do stuffs and no hard-feeling for the I-cannot-do stuffs. Peeps, remember this~"we can do anything but we cannot do everything".    
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A good day..so far

hollaa peeps! no more talks about diarrhea, promise you lol.
To begin with, I want to emphasize my title today once again, I have a really good day, so far... Thanks to God, my F&F, and everybody for sharing this great day with me. Yeah, I love it. <3 <3
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I've got two things that had happened to me today. Yep, a real good ones. Want to know? proceed reading my entry till the end, can you peeps? doesn't matter, read if you want, otherwise just ignore this entry because I will talks about the great day I've today, so far ( as it wasn't called a day yet ). 
To start with, there is no water crisis this morning ( except now~no water, again ). Yep, usually the water supplies will stopped suddenly without any notice and I want to tell you, "there is no day without water crisis here"~recently ( click HERE to be directed to the related entry ). Thanks (bi) arigatou (japan) pounsikau (dusun) terima kasih (bm). How could I attending the lectures without having any shower before, a big NO okay. I can't stand it. 
After that, I went to UMS smoothly, no traffic jammed, no hard feeling for the bus, no sleepy-head while in the class (thanks to my great friend, Tresy, for the soy drink for breakfast), and a quite good 2X2hours lectures. I love it, and I am really hoping for the best in the coming test on Friday morning (Amen).

and then, suddenly my friend came and told me that I'd accepted to do my industrial training at Jabatan Kimia Malaysia cawangan Sabah! Yeahhhhh, I love the news. It was awesome for me. Even though I keen to do it at Sabah Forest Industry, but still, to be accepted by JKM (FYI, only 3 of us get accepted there) was like a dream come true for me. I never imagine before for my application been passed through the system despite there are many others was way much better than me. I thought (personally), this is what planned by our great Almighty (Thanks God!). 
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next is, I got the apparatus I wanted! Remember the story about the LA so called  mr.chipsmore? (click HERE to be directed to the related entry). For this great happy thing, I want to thanks a lot, a huge thank you, to my friend so called Iranie aka rkorik (blogger) for helping me with the borrowing procedure.  
In conclusion here, I managed to get my own apparatus.
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I love this day! Yeah, I am in a real happy state right now despite of the stuck FYP experiment due to 'no-furnace available'. So here, for this great day ( so far) I been living on, I want to thanks to my God for the plans for me, and to you~thanks for reading and smiling (now ^__^ ) with me. Hopefully, you were also living your day to the fullest just like me. Chayo3x!! bye peeps.. 

Diarrhea..but no Water

OMG OMG OMG peeps! 
Rise hand for those who stays in apartments..
You know the feelings of this situation right? 
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Especially for those who stay at the upper level, NO WATER is a big crisis, for god's sake, we don't want. We can't do anything, cooking/laundry/bathing and more than that, doing our toilet-business. Yes, TOILET-BUSINESS! I believe most of us forget to save/stored water in case of unexpected no-water-crisis occurs. Do it peeps! 

Attention! ~ Always store water. Keeps this in your mind.

Just do it dudes. Believe me. When you encounter it someday, you may be regret it for ignoring my words here. Having this illness, so called Diarrhea, is the most unwanted matter when the water supplies stopped. You cannot simply put a 'hold' to Diarrhea, yet doing 'toilet-business' is prohibited without water. Yeah, no offence though. But, living in apartment~specifically toilet inside the house~ doing toilet-business without water was simply concluded as 'disaster'. Why? Here I tell you, who can withstand with the diarrhea-caused smell like shit ( In fact, it is feaces of course )? Oh NO NO NO, sorry I cannot stay even for a moment when the air are full with shitty-smells. 
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In conclusion for my entry today, just store the water. Even a bottle, you might be feels so fortunate when the water-crisis or no-water-at-all occurs to you. Think about these, soon to meet with gf/bf but no water, urgently need to do toilet-business but again no water, hungry and so on so forth but no water. Didn't it feels great when you suddenly read this blog and you did stored water. So, looks around you and take a bottle or any type of water-container and just go and store water instantly after finished reading this blog. Thanks peeps. Together we prevent the smelly-shitty air in our house!! Peace no Regret.. ^___^


Aloo my great readers! Yes you, smile (don't be worry).
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Actually peeps, I really don't know how to start my entry today. My head like worry and don't know what to do! To begin with, I don't have any class since Tuesday except in Friday (I skipped it). For all of the days, I just spent it at home. Nothing to do, do nothing, yet not enjoying the holidays. Yeah, it was because of this something like uncertain-feeling. From Tuesday till yesterday, I couldn't even take a nice nap because of these problems, I mean are a real big problems I have in my on-going experiment/FYP2. I don't know what to do, yet I must do and finish it before the dateline. I need to prepare 30 samples and proceed with the observation of adsorption of heavy metal in my final products. Told you, 30 samples means 30 final products. First of all, I need furnace. Yes, the oven-like instrument. But furnace used to burn something with higher temperature to hundreds degree celcius while the oven used for drying process below 100 degree celcius. I cannot proceed any further without the furnace to begin with, but what to say, all of the furnaces was already booked by the others students. Oh no, how come in earth I forgot to book the furnace earlier. I keep on thinking of how could I solve these problems. Not only the furnace, I need teflon bottle (30bottles) and plus, the lab assistants were like chipsmore-person. It was really really and really hard to meet him. Some of my friends had had waited for 3  days before finally met him just to borrow something. To be honest, I never meet him for that borrowing-procedure kind of thing, I just took any apparatus of any lab (but, even though I just borrowed it without permission, at least I returned it back in good conditions). I don't have time to wait for mr.chipsmore

But, the problem here can't be solved by 'borrowing without permission'. We cannot borrow the furnace, not only because of its huge design, the furnace also strictly unmovable by any students without official permission. Plus, it is not easy to get that kind of letter. So complicated! I do asked the head of laboratory supervisor, mr.Sani, if by any chance I could use the furnace in the weekend. He said, can if you want, but the problems is, the whole lab might be used by Master's students every weekend, which in conclusion undergraduate students can't use it. 

"Furnace owh Furnace~let me use you to burn 500gram X 5 temperatures"

I felt so stressed! And this stress-thing lead me to eat a lot of foods. Yep, I really enjoyed my foods, any kind of foods (normal foods!). I need the foods to covered and neutralize my stressed mind ( please ignore the chemistry-like words, for I am chemistry student anyway ). Foods were like a good friend of mine whenever distressed or happy. No argue, I love foods anyway. Okay, stop bout the foods, let us continue with this uncertain-feeling I have now. I am really envy ( a lot! ) the other friends of mine which on-their-track of experiment now, but me. OMG, what should I do. Am I the only student haven't start any of the second phase of experiment? Did me friends finished theirs? I don't know. For some of them, at least, managed to booked the furnace not like me. OMG!! I couldn't sleep well thinking of all these problems. Yet, I can't stay like this forever. So peeps, don't be like this person (me). Do your best!! As I am doing my very best to control my feeling, and just looking forward on doing my experiment, on my way and on my own time. Huh, thanks for the words I'd read in facebook status, it was somehow relieved my knotted-mind. See it below? naaa, read it and feels it in your/our everyday bitter+sour experiences. Thumbs up for those who doing great in their life. Chayo3!!peeps. Daaaa
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