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Ombak Rindu...

aloooo peeps!

Just watched the Ombak Rindu at 1B with my friends laila, lyna and esther. Actually, all of us didn't make any plan to watch it today but I don't know how, it was just like POPs into our mind and all of us went to 1B, after me and esther finished our last lecture for this sem while, lyna and laila met with their supervisor 
(FYI~ they will present their VIVA next week, want to know more, click HERE). 
Ombak Rindu
I love this scenery so much! wish to be here with him, someday LOL!
I already read the book of Ombak Rindu, in 2005 or 2006 if not mistaken, and I do cried a lot everytime I read it, 1 2 3n bla2, can't be counted dy!
  It wasn't bad nor great. But, I love it, though. My friends like it, the grandmothers like it, the mothers absolutely, the youngest also just love it. It's a fact that, since December 1, 2011 still got soOO many people go and watch it up until today. The cinema in 1B always full you know.

I love the parts when Izzah take off Hariz's socks (wish to do it with my hubby, later lol) and Hariz cried while talking to Izzah in Pak Dollah's house. SERIOUSLY, I love it.
It was so sweet, you know, and I was like huh what to say, touched  by their acts. FYI, I love Maya Karin & Aaron Aziz. So much okay.

Even though the book's story by Fauziah Ashari was far more better but, still the movie wasn't too bad either. If you ask me, which one better, I give 5stars to the storybook. I do like, love the movies, but there are so many scenes wasn't there in the movie (since it was A movie, so no argue bout it k). 

 Guess what, no matter what you say, I still love Ombak Rindu. 
The first Malay's movies 'd love to watch and 
also the "improved~animations" of Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

So peeps! Go and watch the movie okay?
It wasn't bad and waste your money, it was cost you around rm9 and rm6/5 for students.
hehe...but, told ya, for those who already read the book, please don't expect to much  okay.. :)

ohya, to know the synopsis just click HERE.
and to hear the song of Ombak Rindu by Adira & Hafiz, click HERE.
Enjoy there. Love Adira's voice. Hafiz's too...

extra pic below: by Miss.google 2011.

OMBAK RINDU song's lyric:

Adira :
Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

Hafiz :
Tuhan aku tahu banyak dosa ku
Hanya ingat Kamu kala duka ku
Namun hanya Kamu yang mampu membuka
Pintu hatinya untuk cintaku

Adira :
Malam kau bawalah rinduku
Untuk dirinya yang jauh dari ku
Agar dia tidak kesepian
Selalu rasa ada cinta agung

Hafiz :
Hujan bawa air mata ku
Yang mengalir membasuh luka ku
Agar dia tahu ku terseksa
Tanpa cinta dia di hatiku

Hafiz & Adira :
Hanya mampu terserah
Moga cahaya di penanti

Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya

Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku


morning guys!!

I don't know (again) why I write this entry just now...I write it in the middle of the night with unclear mind, and more than that, feels UNWANTED! I never expected to have this feeling, ever. I've done so many unnecessary things, and I never feels like now before. Well, REJECTED, specifically. For some reasons, I felts that I've given up so many things just for an unknown future, yupz, people must have their own investment for their future but somehow I felt like, what to say, STUPID. Huh!! My heart is just a piece of folded book of story, bitterness sorrow and lovely type of drama-life stories. Just now, I keep on thinking about myself, what I want to do, and am I really into it? I am not a teenager anymore, and I am absolutely agreed with the song entitled Big Girl Don't Cry. Haha, of course I do cry for some reason ( like my not so good VIVA presentation ), but not for a silly milly things. Nah melalut sudah kan (sowt uda ni).

Back to the main point ~ UNWANTED@REJECTED. I felt so restless when the person that supposedly calm me down, turned to be the one who stabbed me from behind! I can't manage myself through the day today but somehow I covered it up so well until nobody knows about it... I guess, I need to sleep now, I felt dizziness and don't know what to write anymore. I end it with the words of FEELING UNWANTED.

Nervous? Yes, I do.

morning again peeps!

It is almost 6 am but, I still haven't sleep yet.
Yes, if you have had read my entries posted before, 
you might knows the reasons of my can't sleep problem.

For the December's tasks I'd listed in my previous entry, click HERE

I've done all of it, except one~ THE VIVA PRESENTATION!
it is a must do type of presentation, to explain about our final year project 1 
examined by three examiners. 
mine: I got Dr. How Siew Eng, Prof. Dr. Markus Jopony & Dr. Rubia Idris 
( if you mind to know, Lolz! But these person were very very respectable, strict person & aka DR.KIA stand for know it all! )
Everyone says, " The bullets was ready for you".
 OMG. I am 'nervous'ing myself since then. 
FYI, my slot is tomorrow at 11.10am till 11.30am, 
the last person presenting in our very first slot.

December 14, 2011

& above all, I still haven't finish yet my powerpoint slides!

I don't know the "what" my greatest examiners want for me, nor what I "want" for my presentation!
everything blurred!

To simplify it: I was so damned Nervous!! 

 I don't know what will happen tomorrow,
but no matter the ups and downs,
I must try it first. ( so you are )
JUST DO IT ( I thought ) 
& face the examiner with your own confidence ( especially for myself lol).

morning again peeps. Will update later about my presentation. 

p/s: I don't know you opinion when you read this, my problems, because some quotes marked that

Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them.
- Lou Holtz

But, I still wanna share it with you! :)

L.I.F.E. is meaningless!

morning peeps!
I don't understand exactly what I am doing these lately. 
I felts so meaningless and speechless to my very unexpected life.
The naughty little chubby girl went to school without no aim,
younger girl with youngest thought without no worries...
& now, this unexpected future I've got,
a life as a University student,
really test this lil brain of mine.

I felts emptiness!
& yes, I do felts like life is suck!
With all of these final year project stuffs,
a bunch of assignments,
To worries the others thoughts,
To take care of my very own self.

Actually guys, this is the thought of my so called "dream" last night.
hehe..it is a truth. No cheating k.
I don't know, when I saw the very pretty,
wonderful, awesome morning from the windows this morning,
I suddenly talked loduly,

"Thanks God for giving me a lot of reasons of why I should be grateful for having another day to complete my yesterday's undone tasks"

L~ life
I~ is 
E~ exhilarate
SO, lets us keep on trying
~achieving the 'best'est
~ Gaining the greatest
~Leaving the regrets
with knowing that SOMEONE was always by ourselves
to hold us, to strengthen us, to upright us, to walks with us,
and for giving us the reasons.

Find your reasons, throw away the "meaningless life" and 
be the thankful person.

Happy Sunday everybody! May His love overflows in our life. Amen.

Things Happened to "me" on December

Taken when we went for a day-fieldtrip to Pusat Penyelidikan Pertanian Tuaran.
There are so many types of instruments used there, some valued for RM200K++,
some other 180K++, but the UPLCMSMS as shown above valued for 
you know!! so expensive.
And, all of us like "WOW" looking at that instrument.

The Campaign. There are 8 posters but I do not have chance to take the pictures since we got
a lot of "guests"...  I enjoyed talking with our customers since some of them do not know
what is the DDT pesticide? How, When & where it was introduced to the earth? How it affect our life?
Love the face to face interactions :) 

OMG! 12 chapters needs to go through with for tomorrow's Midterm Exam.
The Industrial Organic Chemistry Processes.

P/s : To know more about this, its background story of this entry, just re-read my entries posted before. :)

December for a final year student in Uni?

hi hi hi.. aloo there, how do you do? Suddenly I feel like missing this lil simple blog of mine, so here I am to write few things that came 'hunting/pushing' me lately. As mentioned in the title above, I want to share with you about the very very super duper 'means' of december for a final year student in Uni, I do not know how to start, where to begin with but, let me remind you again about my schedule for this december:

December 2nd, 2011 : 1. Hand in my 'great pusher' -FYP aka Final Year Project 1 draft to our supervisor
                                   2. Hand in our Industrial Organic Chemistry Process Fieldtrip report (as I told you
                                      in my others entry, our 3 days 2 nights in Labuan).
December 5th,  2011 : 1. Presentation for Industrial Organic Chemistry Process Assignment
                                   2. Test 2 for Applied Physical Chemistry.
December 6th, 2011 : 1. a day-Fieldtrip to Pusat Penyelidikan Pertanian Tuaran. ( later I share with you ).
                                  2. Hand in our finalFYP 1 before 430pm ( Done with 400m sprint-FYI, I used to be 
                                   an athlete in "primary school" XD ).
December 8th, 2011 : Person in charge for our Campaign of Pesticide free day ( As I already mentioned it
                                   in one of my entries before).
December 9th, 2011 : Midterm Exam for Industrial Organic Chemistry Process ( Unknown title aka no hints
                                   about the types/title/part of questions might come out!!).
December 12th, 2011: Midterm Exam  for Industrial Inorganic Chemistry Process. (Thank God, He told us
                                   the titles, not sure "what" but at least he told us "which").
December 12th, 2011: My hubby bear home after 2months!! :) but still, I do not have time yet for that sob
                                    sob sob :(
December 13-14th, 2011: Pre-presentation for our VIVA (Presentation of our FYP 1).
December 15-16th, 2011 : VIVA DAY!!!! OMG It was an open
                                         presentation about our FYP, and not to forget, it is a fact that many student had
                                         been "CRIED" a lot while in their VIVA. (OMG, I cannot afford to fail this
                                         course, I really need it to goes well, pretty bad! wish me luck k).
December 21st, 2011: Hand in  Industrial Organic Chemistry Process Assignment.
December 24th: starts my Laboratory works for FYP 2..
January 3rd, 2012 : Final Exam!!

As for December 25th, this year. I do not really believe that I can enjoy it as much as the years before, but I still have and always will have "Christmas" in my heart. I might do not have time for Christmas Eve, but remembering and knows the real meaning of Christmas Eve is more important after all.

mentioned above, the part of Done with 400m sprint,
I actually done it from the UMS's outside bus stop near the traffic light 
till SST (School of Science & Technology) Pejabat Am2.
It is nearly 410pm when I started run from my house in UA2, 
but it turn bad when there is no a single bus for me to go to UMS.
I called my friend, but she was also still in the middle of "doing" her FYP, 
so, no choice, I need to wait for the bus. 
I prayed a lot indeed.
Miracle, City Bus arrived at 4.19pm and I went on with it,
but (again), that bus have been stopped like 6 times all along the way! Grrrrr
almost 4.28pm, I arrived at the outside bus stop then started my 400m sprint (FYI, there are so many people in that bus stop keep stared at me), I felt like a little-messy-improper student with my home sandal+"panda's" eyes+M-size tshirt, but at such moment, 
I put it aside and keep on running running and running.
ps: the truth is, the other friends of mine already done the 400m sprint right before me XD
I ran to SST Printing/Copying service room and binding my three copies of FYP 1.
and then, continue my sprint to the third floor where the office located 
and gave my FYP to the officer with a make-real-sorry-face asking for a "chance".
Thanks God, my FYP accepted and was stamped as 'send on time'.
FYI, some of my course-mates that failed to hand in the FYP on time 
because of silly mistake such as 'wrong margin' (the format went wrong when printed out).
OMG, mine also have few unfinished and un-attached pieces of writing + doubled page nuumber
but my ex-Kimia Industries Head of Programme told me that just let it be, it might only deducting me few marks compared to late hand in. Plus, just start preparing n be ready for our coming VIVA.
huh, The VIVA- this coming December 15th to 16th.

Seems like, the December was full with a hectic schedule for me.

p/s : I guess, thats all for this entry, will continue it whenever I have sometime to do so... Thanks for your prays, Merry Chrismtas (for non-muslim) and happy new year in advance..:) 


December will never be the same anymore!

Curious? Yeah? I don't know exactly why I'd choose this title for my early morning entry. Wanna know more, read the rest. No harm though lolz.

I just finished taking my shower! And more than anyone, I know it was sound so crazy for having a bath in this pretty early morning, seldomly but, I guess for today I will make some new history for my own self though. I just took like a 15minutes sleep last evening, to regain back my enthusiasm, passion and refilled my drained energy for a night of thesis-marathon. The reason for my cannot-sleep-feeling. After went through the night, I'd finally finished 80% of my thesis. You might say like what-is-the-big-deal but, for me 80% is great, no more no less (for this moment).
Such a mess isn't? But, this is the thing that accompanied me all
through the thesis-night marathon.

opssss..the dark sky went off! A new day started again.

Actually, I can have a little sleep as for a compliment for doing great in the thesis-night marathon but, somehow this little-brain of mine was full with so called nervous. Nervous to send my 80%-done thesis to my supervisor of final year project in this morning, around 10! dwell on this thing makes my heart beats increased over the top. Hope, this 2nd day of december will not dissappoint me, no shouting nor angry.      

Here, in UMS, the December will never be the same again. As for everybody, or other people are in their happy holiday mode plus the passion in Christmas celebration, me and supposedly including all of my course-mate are obligated a great bunch of works/assigmnent overhelm the excitement of december.

I was so extremely hope to be a resilient person. Stronger enough and braver enough to do all the tasks. Yes, for me myself, THE DECEMBER WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ANY MORE.

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