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Aloha peeps! I got no class today...hence, I went out for lunch at 1 Borneo, alone. Yeah, ALONE.
Seems not right isn't. I really don't like the feeling of-ALONE. But, there is no other choice since everyone have their own hectic schedule. My beauties room-mates, lyla & lyna, got morning to afternoon classes and I end-up eating my meal alone at McDonald 1Borneo. Then, I went for a little groceries shopping at Giant Mall located just beside the McDonald straight after I finished my lonelier-lunch. I spent few minutes there and bought some food-stocks for the three of us. Getting bored and lonelier walking alone, I decided to back home and goes up to ground floor via escalator in the middle of McDonald& KFC and went straight to Centre Atrium. Guess what, I saw a crowded-place in the middle.

yupz, the World Press Photo 11 exhibition. 
I never went to any this kind of exhibition before, so I walked through the entrance as firstly I saw a beautiful picture shoot by a wellknown photographer named Thomas P.Peschak. I want to give the details about this picture but my handphone couldn't shoot the best, blurred everywhere.
A very big sorry for the quality, to snap a picture from a printed picture were quite hard.
plus, I used 3.2mp handphone-camera.
But, it is still awesome isn't it.
Strolling through the exhibition aisle, I saw more awesome pictures. Just see below picture. 
This picture was taken by Olivier Grunewald. Won 3rd prize Nature Single. 
Once again, sorry for the poor quality of image.
I saw a lot more awesome pictures! But, suddenly I saw a strange notices as shown below.
What I mean here is I didn't saw any spectacular pictures as mentioned in the notices. But, curiousity lead me to a semi-closed but still opened aisle of pictures wall where all of the pictures made me trambling and I felt sorrow, deeper sadness and empty inside me while watching the pictures. Yupz, thanks to the photographers, I was able to know a little about what going on somewhere I couldn't reach by my ownself, and I felt it. I got the story behind the pictures. Some of it, but not least. See the pictures below.
Above picture was taken by Andrew Biraj which won the 3rd prize Daily Life Singles. It shows an overcrowded train approaches a railway station in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as more passengers wait to board. Millions of residents of Dhaka were travelling to their home villages to celebrate the Eid al-Adha holiday. Dhaka is fast becoming one of the largest cities in the world. Its present population of 13 million is expected to rise to between 22-25 million by 2020. The rapid population growth has put severe pressure on transport infrastruture. -Exhition.
I wonder hows our story in Sabah.
top left: Rangers (government paramillitaries) respond after unknown men opened fire on a Shi'ite procession at the Empress Market shopping area in Saddar, in Kerachi.
Top right: A worker washes the floor at the mortuary run bu an NGO in suburb of Kerachi.
Below left: A man calls on his mobile, during the attack on a Shi'ite procession.
Below right : A passer-by lies injured after being caught in the fire when gunmen targeted two journalists in Saddar, Kerachi.
As for above pic, it won 2nd Prize General News Stories which photographed by Massino Berruti. It shows a situation that occurs in Pakistan with over 1,100 violent deaths recorded by October 2010. The cause of the killings remain obscure but it appears to be a mix of political, religious, and criminal violence. Some observers blame rivalry between parties that have their electoral bases in different ethnic groups in the city. Others say the violence is linked to criminal gangs, allegedly controlled by major political parties. Sectarian conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslim communities has also been blamed.
While for the its next picture was taken by Corentin Fohlen, won 2nd prie Spot News Stories. It shows the situation when the Red Shirt protestors clash with Thai government fores in mid-May in the Silom commercial district of Bangkok. The clashes were part of a two-month stand-off between the Red Shirts and authorities. Thailand had been gripped by political unrest since Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted in a millitary group in September 2006. Elections in 2008 had placed Abhisit Vejjajiva, the Democratic Party leader, in power. But the Red Shirts, coming largely from among the rural poor who had benefited from Thaksin Shinawatra's policies, opposed him. Protestors hurled rocks and set fire to tires in the street. Troops and the police countered with rubber bullets, tear gas, and live ammunition. On 19 May, Red Shirts leaders surreder, telling their supporters to end the protest. Even after the call to surrender, some demonstrators said they would fight on. By the time unrest finally died down at the end of May, over 80 people had been killed and some 2,000 injured.-Exhibiton.
I've got plenty more pictures but I couldn't upload it. Some errors occured! Or maybe the website wouldn't allow people to post about these exhibitions pictures? What on earth to be that way. There is no single notice said so. No, I didn't saw any of it. So I just took so many pictures of it and uploaded it here, for goodness, to share it all with my friends. I keep trying on posting this entry and somehow it worked out. For more clearly info and views, especially for those who interested in this kind-of-exhibition, don't miss it. Go to 1 Borneo Hypermall and enjoy it with yourselves. Thanks for reading it peeps, together we saw, read, understanding and feels it for better future. Bye

p/s: If can, I'll upload the other pictures soon. The pictures taken from many natural disasters. I felts so damned sorry for those who involved in this kind of problems. May God bless them!

.............................................edited version continued.........................................................

Flood victims scramble for food rations in the downwash of a Pakistan army helicopter, during relief operations in Sindh, the worst-hit province, on 13 September.
Above picture was taken by Daniel Berehulak, won 1st Prize in the News Stories. It shows unusually heavy monsoon rains in July triggered the worst flood in Pakistan's history. Beginning in the northern province of Baluchistan, the flood spread throughout the Indus River Basin to Punjab and Sindh in the south. At one point, around one fifth of the country's total land mass was under water. Over 20 million people were directly affected by the floods with up to 1,600 killed, as homes were destroyed and crops and livestock were washed away. The country's infrastructure was devastated as thousands of kilometers of roads and railways were destroyed.

While for the picture shown below, which was also taken by Daniel Berehulak, Won 1st Prie People in the News Stories.  
TOP LEFT : Girls whose families have been made homeless by the floods take shelter on the high ground.
TOP RIGHT: A man and boy walk through floodwaters in the Punjab village of Baseera, on 22 August.
BELOW LEFT: Displaced villagers travel through flood water in the Punjab on 11 August.
BELOW RIGHT: A girl sleeps, covered in flies on the makeshift bed, on a patch of land accessible only from the air. 
As for this next picture, it was taken by Kemal Jufri, which Won 2nd Prize People in the News Stories. It shows situations when Mount Merapi, in Central Java, Indonesia, erupted in late October, blasting hot rock and volcanic ash a kilometer and a half into the air, in what was said to be its largest eruption since the 1970's. Merapi is one of the most active over 100 volcanoes in the archipelago, but it is known usually for non-explosive, slow eruptions. Over 350,000 people were evacuated from the area around Merapi, and 353 people were killed in a spateof volcanic activity that lasted over a month.
TOP LEFT: The volcano spews out an ash plume on 1 November.
TOP RIGHT: Bodies of victims lie covered in volcanic ash in a house in the village of Agromulayo, in early November,
BELOW LEFT: Dead farm animals lie on the ash.
BELOW RIGHT: Masked in protection against the ash, people wait for public transport in the town of Muntilan, on the Western slopes of Mount Merapi,
Next are pictures by Sarah Elliott, won 3rd Prize Contemporary Issues Stories. This pictures tells about abortion. Abortion is a crime in Kenya, unless the life of the mother is in danger. Penalties run up to seven years in prison  for a woman trying to procure a termination, and twice as long as for anyone conducting one. In backstreet establishment untrained practitioners terminate pregnancies using knitting needles, bleach, malaria pills and other non-medical methods. Each year, at least 2,600 Kenyan women die after illegal abortion, and 21,000 are hospitalized with complications from unsafe procedures. 
TL: Latex glovs hang p to dry after used and washed.
TR: A 24-years-old unmarried mother of three lies on the examination table of a pharmacy, having received an injection of ergometrine, which is terminating her pregnancy.
BL: A woman prays in church, with nine of the relatives who live with her.
BR: A 44-years-old woman displays the knitting needle and rubber tube used to perform abortion.

 And finally, an end for this entry, a picture taken by Daniel Morel, won 2nd Prize Spot News Singles. This pictures tells the moment when Haitians rescue a woman trapped beneath the rubble int the capital Port-au-Prince, minuets after the earthquake hit on 12 January. The 7.0 quake struck with an epicenter 15KM southwest of the capital, near the town of Leogane. More than 50 aftershocks followed. Some 230,000 people were killed, 300,000 injured and more than a million left homeless. In explaining the extent of the damage, a senior Red Cross official said that it would take the equivalent of 200 trucks a total of 11 years to clear the rubble caused by the earthquake.
HUH....how grateful I am for living just like now. May God bless those involved. Daaa

Magelan Sutera Harbour. Seminar + Fun

Alohaa peeps! update for the day.

As mentioned before, today I was went to Magelan Sutera Harbour Kota Kinabalu participated in a Seminar of "Seminar Pemindahan Teknologi (ToT), Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana (PKS)" conducted by MPOB ( To know more, Click HERE ). 

Thanks God, I was managed to wake up at 5.30am (actually, something happen in my bedroom thats awoke me). & again, thanks to my friend, Tresy, for the ride so then we arrived at SST's foyer just before 7.00am. After done with some briefing, the UMS's buses sent us to Sutera Harbour before 8.00am (to register) even though it was quite jammed this morning.
They gaves us, a green bag+name tag+notebook+pen. For me, their services wasn't bad at all. Plus, wait for my story about the foods there. Soooo yummmy! But first, let me share with all of you roughly about the seminar. The opening ceremony was welldone finished by Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok ( my father's favourite minister but still I wasn't sure his title ). Followed by some good&interesting&good to know presentations about the Seminar. 
Ok now I want to share with all of you about what I and my F&F had had done before, while and after the seminar. Here it is started, before the seminar started, we went to one of its toilet which put wow-face. It was a very, what they say, "Tandas berkualiti". So far differ compared to our toilet in UMS and ohters places. See the pic below? It was me and my friends, sitting inside the toilet. No angry for your laugh. Just go on hahaha.
And then, just after the opening ceremony done, we went out for breakfast. Yupz, since there are so many people, we just enjoyed a little but superb tastes of drumstick+sandwiches. Wow, I respect for the chefs, simple but delicious~nothing to complain. Continue with the seminar, and then lunch time arrived. SUPERB!LUNCH! We enjoyed the very delicious foods at Five Sail Restaurant in Magelan Sutera Harbour (see the pic below?) and wait till you see the desserts. Yummy Yummy Yummy, we didn't stop eating from 13.00pm till 1400pm. Huh, I never imagined of having a superb lunch here since we'd pay nothing. I thought, the payments was handled by UMS. Not so sure. A delicious foods+superb view of the ocean+good services, I didn't dare to put any complain about it. 

After that, I went to Pacific, another one from three big properties in Sutera Harbour~Went there to recharges both my handphones. The batteries emptied since I and my F&F didn't stop online while listening to the seminar. No buffer at all. And I love it so much. Back to the story, to go shortcut from magelan to pascific isn't too far nor to close but it was worth as me got chances to saw the beautiful views, wonderful scenery there. I love it. Just see the pic uploaded here, and you surely fall in love to be there. Personally, I hope someday I can be one of in-house guests there, enjoying the whole things fullblast. 

See, Isn't it great? If you want to go to Sabah, Sutera Harbour or Nexus Resort are the two top places to stay in. Go there, and absolutely you will not regret it. OMG, I got early meeting with FYP's supervisor tomorrow. For a fact that Tuesday will be the very jammed-road-hard-to-move, I need and must go waiting for the bus around 700am. I was so tired actually, so I guess today's entry will end here. Bye you! 

Attending Seminar at Sutera Harbour Kota Kinabalu

peeps! I am going to seminar tomorrow.
where? the seminar take place at Sutera Harbour Ko, precisely at one of its properties so called Magelan.

I actually didn't bother to come along to this seminar but after seeing the tentative schedule, I think it wasn't either worst nor boring-type of seminar. Besides, it might open my half-closed-sleep-head and know s more about something other than my subjects teaches in UMS.

So yes, I applied and accepted to participate this lil convention or seminar held in famously-huge-landmark called Sutera Harbour apart of Nexus Resort. But, since the seminar will start at 8.00am, then we need to gather up at SST's foyer sharp at 7.00am. 6.30am will usually be my biological clock, but for a fact, I really need to make it at 5.30am. So then, just here for this entry. A very good night guys!! =)

Below is the tentative schedule for the seminar. Take a look, no harm though. Peace ^-^

Holiday at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

hollla guys!!
*this entry was the second part of my weekend holiday after went to Perdana Park (click HERE ).
Here we are, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. To know more about this park, just click HERE
Above is the first scene I saw after we parked our car at the parking lot. Quiet nice, and I love the stones of bird, mongkey, rhinos, elephant and etc. Isn't it nice peeps? Haha, I never go there before, so the chance of going there is a pleasure for me to release my tension at UMS. Btw, it was still a visit-in turn for my belated birthday! The entrance were just only approximately 100meters behind me. See the pictures below hahaha.
Candid Pic taken by my niece. ShhhHh..
The "almost"-ready one... =)
I love looking the surrounding! Enjoyed the green nature (FYI~I am a green+pink lover anyway). The bird singing & flying freely, warm welcoming from the workers and joyful journey inside the park and many more caught my heart. 
my niece! don't be shock if I told you, we shared the same year of born.
Some of the info can be found at the entrance wall
the route map of the park.
my sis + afif & afiq + uda 
my little nephew, Afiq.
 So many pictures isn't? pic is the best way to captured & pause the moment we love/care/appreciate. Even the unlikely-unwanted moment when captured will still be the precious "momento" later then. A thing that when we looks back later will bring back our forgotten memories. Below are few from bundle pictures taken there. See below? I was so excited seeing the "Beruang Dahan"~cute! But, FYI~this cage were only a temporary place because of something-reason I didn't heard when the worker explained that evening.  
kawae tiger. seems lonely, even though so many tourists comes  here everday.
PEACOCK! The first time ever I watched but
not lucky enough to see this bird spread the "tails"
Deer! Flashback the history of how Malacca got it name..(if not mistaken)
Just after watching the deer, we saw the "Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Cafe"~the food price are quiet expensive but since my nephew-Afif asked his father for a tin of milo (milo fan I guess ). So, we'd stopped there bought the milo (same goes with us then). See above pic?
How about above pic then? I forgot what it's called back then. Old folks called them as "Payau" if  not mistaken haha. Well, Sabahan was rich with names though. And for the elephants, I never imagine before if the elephants are tender-species. But beware, DON'T TOUCH THEIR FEACES for they will attack you! (They say haha)
What shocked me the most is when suddenly the elephants lined up together and moving back and forth while rocking their long noses side to side. What unexpected moment I watched! See the pic below? Amazing isn't it.
Poorly, I was unable to retrieve the other pics from my bro-in-law. If not, I would like to upload the pic of me+tiger ( the moment I mentioned before~the adrenalin activator ). Last but not least, this is a place I'd like to recommend for 'you'+partner or + family-outing time. This place surely will not let you down. RM10 is more than suitable price at least. So then, this entry will end here today for "I am" in the middle of works in laboratory~"doing" my experiments. Bye peeps!

New Last Semester Officially Started

You!!Alohaaa, thanks for visiting my blog. :)
Yep, as the title above, today's entry will talks about my "hot&spicy" new term in UMS. 
full credits to this picture
Holidays came to an end and the new term was officially began today. FYI, I just registered and confirmed it today. Why? erm nothing else other than my ownself, so called 'CARELESS'. I forgot to do the pre-registration just before the end of last term's exams. Then, I missed the registration&confirmation for 3rd year students last Saturday. Hurm peeps, 'these' attitudes is a very big NO-NO to do, okay. Thankfully,I managed to done it at last. 

Actually, I'd been here since February 15, 2012 in purpose to continue my Final Year Project (FYP)'s on going experiments. However, due to "water crisis" happened here last week (read my earlier entry, click HERE ), I just went to laboratory only in Friday. The 'water crisis' were still occurs at the moment but thankfully, isn't the worst situation anymore. 

Peeps, I don't know what will coming in this term. As everyone knows, last semester will always be the worst term ever occurs in student-life ( I guess ). Today, we'd started the first chapter of the fist subject lecture known as "Principle and Technology of Biochemical Processes". Only 40% over roughly 70persons that attended this lecture. Yeah, the others still with their sweet holidays! First week of lectures shouldn't be taken for granted as usually the lecturer will explain about the Student Learning Time (SLT) of the courses and how the classes will be done. Don't do that ( I'd done it before, 3rd term ) huhu. 

The subjects I registered for this term are:
Project 2 (FYP)
Industrial Training
Chemistry and Technology of Polymer
Environmental Technology for Industries
Principle and Technology of Biochemical Processes
Petrochemical Catalysts and Catalysis

And because of the sudden change of IPTA's schedules by our great government, this term will occur in short term. The shorter ever! Sorry guys, the above entry seems like "DISLIKE" of new term, but that's my feeling right now. However, I still got my positive thought about this short term. I love it because it will last earlier, and I can do my Industrial Training, finally Graduating this end of year. ( In Jesus Name, I prayed. Amen ). Yeah, I need to do it much better! This day onwards, I must try my best to improve my pointer and finish my FYP wholeheartedly. 

Let thumbs-up together for our new term!! :)
"new TERM, new TARGET, & new HEART"
( <3 I'm Loving it <3 )
full credits to this picture
full credits to this picture

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