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Family Outing Time


Just awoke! hehe.. Y? I was so tired walking/shopping whole the day today. Me, my niece and my sis's family went for a  family outing which I really enjoyed. So many things I want to share with all of you, but since I am just awake, I really need a quick bath and then having my nap, since tonight (I guess), will be the last night that I can spend just the way I like. SO, stay tune, will update about our family outing ASAP...:)


For now, I need to concentrate in doing n must done my thesis by this friday, OMG.
How to Create a Thesis Objectivethumbnail

And I hope there no problems...

No effort No gain, isn't?
I must graduate next year...amen



Do you ever encounter this part to-forgive or to-be-forgiven?

Actually, today’s entry written as a continued part from the entry of Kerana wang Keluarga Binasa and SHE will marry soon. I do wrote and told you about my thought, my heart condition and the thing with big "?" of should-I-go-to-her-wedding-ceremony? By considering the hurts and pain they had done to my family. I've written the reason and my feeling was just like "how can I forgive when it hurts so much?".

"Forgiveness always seems so easy, when we need it, and so hard when we need to give it." 
--Fresh Start Devotionals
Do you ever felt like this?

FYI, I can't sleep last night, keep thinking all through the night about "forgiveness", because it is totally obvious that if I can forgive, I can forget then in the end, I can go and enjoy the wedding ceremony as much as I ever imagined before. The dawn end with the sunrises. Morning with the bright sunshine, somehow succeed in creating a warm mood for me (but still, the forgiveness-thing was still in the air). Guys, you might don't know this, but truthfully- the 2hours driving can't even heal the wound of my heart-forgive them?NO!

But, Thanks to GOD, the mission is completed!
want to know how and why? just proceed reading my entry below here.

The moment I stepped into her canopy, I felt little nervous and strangely, I do also felt "relieved". I came, met the king and queen of the day (not forget to mention you, she was so beautiful~gorgeous!), and as the time past, me myself slowly adapted into that situation, I felt the wound in my heart stopped! And I do feels the healing, which calm me until the last minute there. OMG, one moment I felt angry/hurted/hatred but the next moment I felts calm/relieved/and just GREAT. 

Going to the wedding ceremony~I'd never thought if it's then became a plan became reality and more than success, it cured me! 

Going to the ceremony~"trying to forgive"~attending the ceremony~"Forgave my own-self"
You know what, there, a thought crossed my mind ~If you can ask forgiveness from God and then forgiven, then why us as the people can't do it? 

twilight pass, on going dawn, coming soon-sunrise...I continuously pray and rejoice HIS name for giving me this simple heart but awesome! fragile heart, though exhibit fullest curable. The first step~face the problem, isn't in vain. Initially, the word "forgive" isn't just to pleased the other, but it was a thing that we do, done for our own victory, the victory of forgiveness end with love in God. 

FORGIVING, is the come first before TO-BE-FORGIVEN.
FORGIVE is the true, and the only one cure for ANGER
Enhanced with the additive, TIME.

More than that, we forgive out of obedience to the Lord. It is a choice, a decision we make. However, as we do this "forgiving," we discover the command is in place for our own good, and we receive the reward of our forgiveness—freedom.

FREEDOM from anger, FREEDOM from hatred, FREEDOM from envy, A VICTORY in FAITH.

Colossians 3:13 
Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Matthew 6:14-16 
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Hebrews 8:12 
For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.

"After all, GOD had FORGAVE us in the first place"

Le Chatelier Principle in Our Real Living


Just as promised yesterday, here I am again to blogging about the so called "Le Chatelier Principle".

Le Chatelier Principle stated that:

"A change in one of the variables that describe a system at equilibrium produces a shift in the position of the equilibrium that counteracts the effect of this change."

This is so related to chemistry, but you can google it directly. Instead of writing about the chemistry stuff related to Le Chatelier Principle, I want to write about

how this principle used and applied in our daily life

God never promised to let us live freely, unharmful, steadiness, and life like happily-ever-after-life-story, instead of, living in Him, strengthen by problems/tests.
How me manage it? Is how I thought of relating the Le Chatelier Principle to our daily life. How you live your life and how you respond to the problem itself pictured your mean of life.

How much your effort to solve your problems and how strong you push yourself to achieves the best ever things/success in your life, the living then changed just to put the input effort in equilibrium state with our final output fruit-of-effort.

This principle will always valid in our living.
your effort change the story,

to less then less to more is to be more

p/s: I don't know if you understand what I am trying to tell, so let me know your thought about this. :) 

When the Education Principles Used to Express Ourself

"Information goes in = Information goes out = Net equation = 0 = esk xdpt jwb"

Does it ring a bell in your head???
whose principle is that?

hahaha...I felt funny when first reading it, that y I took that phrase from my friend's facebook status. 
she was having a hard time just like me. 





It make me re-called back another one princple
"the Le Chateliers Principle"

have anyone of you know the principle?

p/s: I'll update about this entry tomorrow after my Nanotechnology Exam.
wait ok dokey...?


oits..please pray with me arh, this paper is quite hard for me huhu..

Poster For our Campaign of "Pesticide-Free Day"

A quick update.
I never been like this before. Stressed and feels like run out of energy, exhausted and sometime thinking like what-is-that in every tasks I am doing. But somehow, me and my great partners Esther and Nabilla managed to finish our task given by our good-but-strict-lecturer, Dr.Noumie, our great lecturer in Pesticide and Residue course. A poster for our Campaign of pesticide-free day which will be conducted next week at SST(School of Science & Technology, UMS),  SST foyer.

Opzz.. The picture shown above wasn't our actual poster. No. hehe

But that is the main picture for the background of our poster. Me, Esther and Nabila haneem don't have any kind of cutter tool software to cut the picture. I tried to used my 3years-ago-software of PS, which I took/copy/stole while I am undertaking my Matriculation session in LMC(Labuan Matriculation College). The software was so damned disappointing me. FILES CORRUPTED! OMG, at first I have no idea how to do our poster but the due-date is around the corner and we just don't have enough time to be wasted with nothing-to-do. So, feeling like do-or-die, finally we manage to finish our very very simple poster using photoscape software + Microsoft Office Publisher.

I knows, you might give me the LOL-words with the great mocking tone,
but I still and will always been proud for our own effort!
so, please take your way out from my pages if you don't mind.

OK, here here and here. Let me continue to the steps of how we do our poster. 

Firstly, we sketch roughly the poster-to-be-arrangement. I mean, how our poster-to-be will looks like. 
Secondly, we search@google the pictures and choose the best picture that will be used for our background.
Third, we edit the picture using photoscape (better using the PS, if you know how to use it) but for non-pro person like us, we prefer to use the photoscape instead of Adobe Photoshop (the truth: we don't have one haha).
Fourth, we combine it also using the photoscape software. hahaha, all done by photoscpae. Thanks to the photoscape inventor haha.
Fifth, we put the picture as the background in A3 size of microsoft office publisher 2007 (doesn't matter which year of software).
Sixth, we search for well-known-related quotes about the poster and put it in our poster.
Finally, we "save as" the poster and change the format of file-saved, to JPEG and publisher file.

wanna see our final poster? see below




copyright by miszvr/esther/nabilla haneem
I guess, I need to put an end for now, still got many things to do. Well, you will know it when you became one of us, the final year student in Uni. But, as my status stated "Thesis fever, blogging forever". I'll always post entry no matter how long how short the entry will be. I love blogging, and nahhhh here I am again, pot pet with unnecessary words hehe. So, the fullstop will be here, daaaa..:)  

Perlawanan Bola Sepak Malaysia vs. Indonesia, Sukan SEA 2011 di Stadium Gelora Bung Karno


man behind the scene : the Gold coach, Ong Kim Swee
Barisan Pemain Muda Malaysia. Go Go 1Malaysia

Ulasan singkat sepanjang perlawanan:
  • Indonesia mendahului Malaysia 1-0 hasil sepakan sudut pada minit kelima selepas dua kali memperoleh peluang keemasan menjaringkan gol.
  • Malaysia menyamakan kedudukan 1-1 menerusi Asrarudin Putra pada minit ke-35 sebentar tadi
  • Kedudukan masih terikat 1-1 selepas tamat separuh masa pertama.
  • Kedudukan kekal 1-1 selepas tamat masa perlawanan sebenar.
  • PEMAIN Malaysia, Asraruddin Putra Omar cuba melepasi dua pemain Indonesia pada perlawanan akhir bola sepak Sukan SEA 2011 di Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, Indonesia, sebentar tadi. Perlawanan kini berlarutan ke masa tambahan selepas kedudukan terikat 1-1 selepas tamat masa perlawanan sebenar.
Foto by Imran Makhzan
  • Perlawanan ditentukan menerusi sepakan penalti selepas tamat masa tambahan 30 minit tapi masih terikat 1-1.

Penentuan Kemenangan melalui sepakan penalti:
Sepakan pertama oleh pasukan Indonesia: Gol
Sepakan pertama oleh pasukan Malaysia: Gol!!
Sepakan kedua oleh pasukan Indonesia: Tidak gol!!
Sepakan kedua oleh pasukan Malaysia: Gol!!
Sepakan ketiga oleh pasukan Indonesia: Gol
Sepakan ketiga oleh pasukan Malaysia: Tidak gol
Sepakan keempat oleh pasukan Indonesia: Gol
Sepakan keempat oleh pasukan Malaysia: Gol!!
Sepakan kelima oleh pasukan Indonesia: Tidak gol !!!
Sepakan kelima oleh pasukan malaysia: gol !!!!
keputusan sepakan penalti: 4/3
overall: 5/4
PENJAGA Gol, Khairul Fahmi berjaya menyelamatkan penalti seterusnya membawa Malaysia menjadi juara Sukan SEA di Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, bola sepak Sukan SEA 2011. Foto: Osman Adnan (21/11/2011)
JAKARTA: Skuad bimbingan Ong Kim Swee mempamerkan aksi membanggakan Malaysia apabila mempertahankan 'ibu pingat emas' apabila menewaskan tuan rumah Indonesia menerusi penentuan penalti 4-3 selepas terikat 1-1 pada perlawanan sepenuh masa penuh dramatik di Stadium Gelora Bung Karno.
Kejayaan Harimau Muda itu melengkapkan pingat emas ke-59 kontinjen negara di Sukan Sea ke-26.
no comment
PEMAIN-PEMAIN Malaysia meraikan kemenangan!
nahhhhh...our Prime Minister pun tengok bola hehe...:) Malaysia the Bestest ever..! Congrats.. tebus maruah bendera Mas yg dibakar.
OMG! Moga roh mereka tenang d sana. Amen
Bola itu bulat: Jadilah bangsa yang menghormati orang lain.
Jika ingin dihormati, hormati dahulu maruah orang lain.
p/s: Hormat menghormati amalan mulia.
Rakyat indoensia kat malaysia tak diganggu pun, even time perlawanan tu ada seorang rakyat indo yang buat kacau and teriak depan screen LCD , but rakyat Malaysia just ignore dia n suruh dia balik.

I Love Labuan. The Great fieldtrip + yummy Chocolates + Knowledges!


My fieldtrip: 
Lumandan Sawit Kinabalu Berhad in Beufort>Beufort Specialty Rubber>Antara Steel Mills sdn bhd>Petronas Methanol(Labuan) sdn bhd.

It tooks 3 days and a couple of night in Beta Service Apartment in Financial Park in Labuan, the free taxes place. I bought some chocolates (melting in progress now since my hostel don't have refrigerator + the hot 33celcius temperature).

Here are some of the pictures that taken all along the fieltrip..I really enjoy it and somehow I felt so grateful for having this chance to know more better about these real industrial processes. I hope someday, I can work at PML ( Petronal Methanol in Labuan). I hope so..amen...

At Grading step in Lumandan Sawit Kinabalu sdn. bhd
Ferry from Menumbok Sabah to Labuan.
the place we lived. Awesome apartment!

some chocos and wine I bought
they said, this persons looks the same. Is it??
the sunset when we first arrived in Labuan
Daylight view from Beta Service Apartment
sunset view from our apartment
me, having a late night cofee at the Beta + view of Labuan

my cutee 3C, miszvr & Nurul
The Lumandan Officer showing the types of Palm Kernel received/Rejected
In Petronas Methanol(Labuan) lobby
Labuan Ground. Last day.

here I am, on the map of Labuan Island!! :)
Just another pic :)
put a smile under the bright sunlight in Labuan
I love Labuan

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